Building Sucess

Santa Fe Group has been proudly serving the public and private road and infrastructure construction sectors for more than 35 years, giving the company a solid reputation in the heavy construction industry.

Santa Fe Group owns an extensive variety of heavy road construction equipment and machinery.

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Santa Fe Group has the capacity to develop any part of mining activities, from drilling and blasting to the excavation and hauling of minerals.

Santa Fe has been working in this field since it's beginning, acquiring valuable expertise and proficiency in terms of organization, highly qualified human resources, and top of the line equipment.

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Santa Fe Group is certainly the construction company leader in Central America. An extensive career in massive earth movement, mining, road construction, road maintenance, aggregates and asphalt mix production have shaped a successful firm in the region.

Our workforce and staff work very hard every day to strengthen our leadership in the heavy construction business.

Santa Fe Group has been in the construction business for over 35 years and throughout this period of time, has become the largest construction company in Costa Rica, and in Central America. Successful mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances have been forged during this period, giving the company the capacity to operate in our demanding international and globalized market.

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